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09.03.2008 in Titlis


Falls in love with you, I am very joyful

at January 11th, 2007
Together we climbed the great wall

want to tell you that falling in love with you , I am very joyful

[小猪情缘]:Two pig love story
[漂亮男生]:My dear husband
On 17.10.2006 we met on ICQ,on 06.01.2007 we met first time in Guangzhou/China.Then, together we go Beijing; On the 12.05.2007 we meet for the second time in Guangzhou/China, together we go to Hainan. On the 18.08.2007,we met again in Guangzhou.
On the 03.09.2007 we married, I am 3 years older than my husband

Our periphery is filling the air the fragrance which loves, the love, is sweet, is the acid, is bitter, is astringent.....

04.09.2009 in venezia


zhuhai maihao hotel

Marriage picture

happy dinner time


seashore BBQ night

wedding night

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